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    幸福的滋味作文-高考英语满分作文:Being a Good Listener

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    高考英语满分作文:Being a Good Listener


    实现有效的沟通,建立良好的'人际关系,不仅要善于言表,更要学会倾听。请你根据下表中所提供的信息,写一篇题为 “Being a Good Listener” 的英文演讲稿。





    Good afternoon, everyone.

    The topic of my speech today is “Being a Good Listener”.

    Good listening can always show respect, promote understanding, and improve interpersonal relationship.

    Many people suggest that parents should listen more to their children, so they will understand them better, and find it easy to narrow the generation gap; teachers should listen more to their students, then they can meet their needs better, and place themselves in a good relationship with their students; students should listen more to their classmates, thus they will help and learn from each other, and a friendship is likely to be formed.

    What I want to stress is that each of us should listen to others. Show your respect and never stop others till they finish their talk; show you are interested by a supportive silence or a knowing smile; be open-minded to different opinions even though you don’t like them. In a word, good listening can really enable us to get closer to each other.

    Thank you for your listening!



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