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  • 美作文-介绍动物的英语作文范文

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    The giraffe is the tallest moden land anmail.it can be over 5.5 metres tall. its neek alone may be 1.9 metres long. yet the giraffe has only seven bone in is neck than in a tall giraffe.

    Each bone in a giraffe's neck is very long, wehille the bones in human neck are small. the makes the difference. A female iraffe gives birth to one baby at a time.the baby, called a calf,is about 1.9 metres tall at birth by the age of eight it is full grown.

    The giraffe eats mostly leaves.because is has a long neck, it can reach the leves high up on the trees.


    A snake is a long and thin animal that lives in grass or other dark places. It has no legs or feet, but can move very fast on its stomach. Snakes usually have green,yellow or black skins, which make it difficult for their enemies to find them.Some kinds of snakes live in water. They can swim as freely as fish.

    Snakes are cold-blooded animals. They take many things as food, such as mice, sparrows, frogs, birds'eggs, pests and so on. As snakes are dreadfullooking, people are afraid of them.

    In fact, snakes are not as dreadful as they look. They can help us to kill mice and pests. They can provide us with delicious meat. Their blood is a good drink.Poisonous snakes are especially useful. We can make valuable drugs with them.


    Nowadays, many families have a dog or a cat as a pet. Some people think that pets are good and helpful companies. Some of them even go so far as saying that animals are as good as humans, and their rights should be respected .Senior citizens are especially fond of keeping pet because they are always feeling lonely at home and they see the cats or dogs as their partner.

    But some other people do not like pets. They say that animals are noisy, dirty and dangerous. They think laws should be made to forbid people from keeping pets in cities and towns.

    In my opinion, pets are loyal friends that will never betray us. Staying with pets, we shall enjoy happiness and feel relaxed. Most important of all, keeping pets helps people to reduce loneliness and forget their unpleasant things for the time being.

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